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Spiritual Services

There are a few different options of working with me, if there are any options you don't see here, feel free to inquire and I'll point you in the right direction. Behind the scenes I have began extremley special commission work for very specific souls who have done extensive self-healing work, know who they are and what they bring to this world and are part of building the new earth crystalline light based structures and systems. I also soon to be offering longer term 1:1 mentorship for the right souls to be taken under my wing. What is currently available is as follows

Soul Illumination Sessions

Soul Illumination Sessions
This is a session that works with creating a momentum of subtle energy to clear out your field, remove blocks in all body and energetic systems, upgrade your timeline  so that you can live more in alignment with who you are now becoming, deepening self- intimacy, bringing more of your true self into your embodiment here on earth feeling safe for your unique essence to be seen and shared with the world.

Personal Channeled Frequency Healing

receive a high quality digital download channeled healing sound activation catered to what you need at this time.

Unlock and remove deep blocks, reclaim energy and access more of your true self and soul. This Recording will be about 10 minutes long and is of deep potency.

To book any of these you have the option to go ahead and purchase in the products section, and reach out to me in the contact section to arrange your accompanying calendar appointment or you can go here and at the bottom of the page and schedule and pay directly under Schedule Appointment 

There are also
15 Minute Mini Intuitive Readings
which are recorded for you at a designated time
for any clear burning questions

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for any other inquiries please reach me
via the contact section and allow at
least 24-48 hours for a response