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šŸ’  Crystalline Light Ascension Wand + Activation Sequence Bundle šŸ’ 


šŸ’  Crystalline Light Ascension Wand with Activation Codex šŸ’ 

Receive your own personal channeled Selenite Engraved Angelic Ascension Wand along with an Activation Codex specifically for your unique soul

Inscribed Activation Wand + Accompanying Activation Codex Scroll


These very special channeled light inscriptions come from lifetimes as a temple scribe and bring the very useful crystalline light technologies online.

Brilliant for cord dissolution, opening pathways and portas and clearing your field and the fields of others in healing sessions. Ideal for earth medicine keepers, light keepers and priestesses from all walks of life especially for those with a connection to the celestial energies and High Elven Starlight Realms.