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💠 Crystalline Light Temple Ressurection Tablet 💠

£174.55 - £522.11

💠 Crystalline Light Temple Resurrection Tablet 💠

Inscribed Crystalline Tablet designed to resurrect your own temple of light from your soul's Ascension line. As you have this tablet created especially for you, you begin anchoring in and welcome a soft light celestial angelic connection and bring your healing temple around you, this offers ou the greatest protection and highly organised energetic structure for you and also your clients as a healer, priestess, lightkeeper, gridworker from many walks of life. It can be used to connect into memories of your highest crystalline form and to step deeply into a harmonious leadership role as one of the many stewards of new earth. I recommend booking a soul illumination session as an add-on to activate and connect with your crystalline tablets full power.

The Inscribed Crystalline Tablet $222